We offer paid internship program for the students which provides practical work experience for the students by introducing them to different culture and management philosophy. We offer internship jobs with different postings in variety of disciplines which may vary in countries. We build successful foundation to focus on management developments. Benefits and work permits may vary from countries by placement and can be discussed at the time of consideration.


 As the caption says” Everyone needs a Change….. Find yours at AMIRTA “.  I really found mine at Chennais Amirta !
I feel to be the Blessed & most luckiest human being on this earth for joining in this College and also for being selected to get trained at Abroad at Management cost.
I would like to say this as “MY Family” rather than as “MY COLLEGE”!
AMIRTA has done sooooo soooo much for me…………
It really brought a change in “MY LIFE”.   Thank you “AMIRTA” :*


 “Come all those who have nothing in life, for Chennais Amirta gives you the fullness of life”. Being abandoned and scorched by the competitive world, I was wandering with no motive in life. At this peek hour Chennais Amirta IIHM has opened its wings of shelter and nurtured me with the abundant knowledge of hospitality industry. Now I am in the new horizon of Hospitality industry where I can find myself as the Ambassador of Hospitality growth. There is nothing to boast of myself, for all that I have is not mine rather it’s all Chennais Amirta has given me. So all my praise and thanksgiving goes to Chennais Amrita IIHM for selecting me for abroad training at management cost. Hail to Chennai Amirta IIHM. Let many more students get the fullness of life under the wings of Chennais Amirta.


First thing, I have learnt to mingle with different kinds of people. I had improved my Communication skill and also my skills in food roduction. And I also learnt how to fit with other country Foods.I have also got so many contacts of superiors in various departments who are very friendly and ready to support me always. I have also learnt how to handle the kitchen alone and I am able to do that now with confidence. There we have got free transportation, food, electricity, accommodation and that too with very good Quality .There I have seen many styles of cooking methods and presentation tricks and situation handling tactics which will be very useful for me in my future. And my Demy chef said “BRO I took 8 years to become a Demy chef but if you maintain the same speed and tactic you can be a Demy chef in just 3 years “That moment I feel like flying, and that’s the best moment of my training period. Chennais Amirta has changed my lifestyle drastically.Thanks to my college, management and staff .


I am Mohammed Ehsanullah, student of CHENNAIS AMIRTA. I would like to heartily thank CHENNAIS AMIRTA and honorable CEO Mr.BOOMINATHAN for giving me such a wonderful opportunity I would also like to thank my college staff and lecturers for motivating me to complete my IET In abroad successfully. I would like to share my Experience of IET which I did in Malaysia . After a good Flight journey we reached Malaysia and from there directly to the hotel . It was a 5 star property Resort in the hill. The name of the hotel is Colimer tropical. It is a French theme based resort. There I worked in Service department and kitchen department. People from many countries would came and visit our Hotel. Most of the foreigners will be Arab peoples and surprisingly all the guest were so friendly and casual. I also enjoyed the hill top view and wonderful climate condition in our hotel . The working time was 8 hours only and my senior staff taught us each and every technique with care. I had a comfortable stay there and enjoyed every movement of our work. It was a wonderful and Successful training in Malaysia.


I am Ganesh K . I got trained in “THE FEDERAL HOTEL” a deluxe property in Malaysia . All the Staff were helpful for my industrial training. I got trained in kitchen department. Even the Executives were down to the earth.
The main point, I would like to mention about this training is that, we were considered as staff, when we did our training.This experience has given me a prospective future. I am always thankful to my college


I was trained at the “THE ROYAL CHULAN DAMANSARA”, a five star property in Malaysia. All the staffs were helpful in our training . I got trained in two departments, HOUSE KEEPING and FRONT OFFICE . The main point, I would like to mention about this training is that we were considered as Staff and not as a trainee . This really helped us in shaping our career.My sincere thanks to CHENNAIS AMIRTA for giving me this valuable opportunity.


I am happy to share my experience in Malaysian training. All the staff and Executives were very much concerned about my growth. I have gained more knowledge about hospitality Industry .I have learned more technical skills in HOUSE KEEPING department. I have improved my behavior, attitude and personality. Now I feel proved to say that, I am a Professional. Thanks to my college for giving me this golden opportunity .


In Malaysia I had learned lot if things. I really felt happy to work in Malaysia. Going abroad is one of my biggest dream in my life and my dream came true because of my college. Malaysian people are all very friendly by nature . I felt very safe to work there. I have learnt how to interact with the guests. I enjoyed my job in Malaysia because I was there in front office department and I used to welcome, greet and assist the guest with smile & confidence. I liked to talk with different kinds of people and there I had a chance to interact with different country people. I have also developed my communication and personality skills.
I once again take this opportunity to thank CHENNAIS AMIRTA for giving me a bright future.