The course is about” Mastering the art of Food and Hospitality” . Art is an inborn quality to the individuals. Cooking is one of the art, related to the life and health. Food and hospitality go hand in hand. Hotel management course is designed in such a way that every artist of cooking and hospitality can be an innovator in the hotel industry. Chennais Amirta has designed the academic modules to trigger out the potentialities of the adults whose talents are hidden by offering them more of practical classes than theory.

The course equips students with all the required skills, knowledge and attitude to efficiently discharge supervisory responsibilities in the hospitality sector. The program also involves in-depth laboratory work for students to acquire required knowledge and skill standards in the operational areas of Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Front Office Operation and House Keeping. It also provides managerial inputs in Hotel Accountancy, Food Safety & Quality, Human Resource Management, Facility Planning, Financial Management, Tourism Marketing and Management. The purpose of the course is preparing the students to be readily accepted in the hospitality and service industry.

Chennais Amirta is initiating a consolidation of National and International education under one roof. CAIIHM has lifelong fruitful courses that has been framed as per the needs of the hotel Industry and the smooth understanding of the students. The academic programs are designed especially for the fresh school leavers , so as to bring them to the life skill of hotel management gradually. Chennais Amirta is offering various International Diploma courses of two year and three year duration and State government degree courses of three year duration to students and all on semester system. The course content is specifically regularized introducing practical oriented syllabus by giving importance to current industry needs in the hospitality sector. Besides the core and allied subject modules, professional dive workshops, special skills like flaring, carving, flower arrangement and administration skill oriented programs are implemented in the academic. Foreign language like French, besides hindi is also being taught to students. Students are compulsorily sent for one semester (6 months) Industrial exposure training (IET) in 5 or 4 star hotels in India and also abroad to countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Mauritius. Students are required to submit Log book and project on completion of their IET program for VIVA examination. Exams are conducted for practicals and theory at the end of every semester.