Front Office

The first meeting point of the guest  is the front office. As we know “face is the index of mind” similarly the front office department is the icon of the hospitality industry,a first meeting point of the guest. With the above features the students learn about the style of handling guest with manners of grooming…


Carving plays a vital role in making the dishes attractive and appealing. The students are trained to create these magic knives which includes.   Ice Carving Fruit Carving Vegetable Carving Butter Carving


The Chennais Amirta bar has dazzling, Luxurious and radiant lighting which creates a world class ambience. The bars are well equipped and brigaded onto 3 parts- Front bar, back bar and under bar. The students will be taught activities like. Juggling and Flaring Cocktail preparation and presentation Mock tail  preparation and presentation


Chennais  Amirta has world class multi-cuisine restaurants within the campus for the students to experience and reach those standards.   The restaurant consist of both fine dine and fast food facility with equipment like fine cutleries, crockery and glass wares.


Chennais Amirta has 7 star hotel infrastructures within the campus to train the students for the house keeping industry. Thus we make things perfect in our house keeping classes. To keep things tidy is an art so we teach our pupil to mend the disturbed things. This inculcates the spirit of satisfying the guest and…


Advanced machinaries and technologies are used in the practical lab in order to make a fruitful attempt to learn and explore.   Incomparable work of art and quality can be witnessed in preparation of: Cakes Cookies Pastry Mousse Truffles Icing Butter Carving